7 Reasons Why You Must Watch Anime!

For every action there is always a “why”, the answer to the question why people watch anime can be traced to the intensity and music. But if you haven’t started watching already, I’ll give you eight good reasons on why you should.

  • There’s always something to learn from the stores. From deep philosophical anime like One piece to historical anime, there’s plenty you can learn from watching anime.
  • The music is just too good. According to Google, the number of people who search for anime ost is way more than wallpapers.
  • When it comes to connection, not everyone is good at it. For people who find it really hard to connect with regular people, anime is a means to connect. If you and your friend watches anime, making a friend shouldn’t be hard.
  • The journey an anime takes you is pure gold. From pirate world to alternate dimensions, your overall imagination increases.
  • Daily life is a struggle. At least for me, who works a 9 to 5 job and need to manage errands. Anime is a way of escapism for me.
  • The strong characters in anime are just another reason. Despite taking shit all their lives, they decide to rise up and give it their all to pursue their dreams. It all gives you a reason on why you should pursue your dreams.
  • Cosplay and community. Cosplaying is an art, some cosplayers even prepare their own costumes, for someone looking to do something different, cosplaying might just be the thing you need.

These seven reasons should be more than enough to convince anyone to watch anime. Still skeptical, we’ll talk about it in the comments sections.

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